Blower Controllers

Linear blower controllers for automatic climate controls

Key Functions

  • Motor current from 10A to 35A
  • Incoming signal: Linear 0-5V, PWM or current signal
  • High thermal performance due to optimized temperature management
  • Self diagnosis of unit

Communication Interfaces

Multimedia connections for today’s mobile devices

Key Functions

  • Support of current and future standards
  • Connectors for analog and digital media
  • Implementation of charging profiles for mobile devices
  • Design/surface matching of interior
  • 5V-12V operation

Climate Control Sensors

Clear visibility and enhanced fuel economy

Key Functions

  • Measurement of Windshield temperature
  • Measurement of ambient air temperature
  • Measurement of humidity
  • Calculation of Dew Point
  • LIN connectivity

CO2 Sensors

In support of CO2-charged HVAC systems

Key Functions:

  • Multiple Point CO2 adjustment
  • Temperature compensation
  • Dual wavelength NDIR CO2 Technology
  • Auto calibration
  • LIN connectivity