Posted on 15 Aug 2017

New Ways in Climate Sensors – sitronic presents a modular system for individual sensor configuration

Fast, reliable, cost-effective and, above all, individually configured – customers can now procure such sensors from sitronic. Formerly individual requirements for sensors, which were time-consuming and costly, were industry the norm. sitronic has now adopted a new kit system that allows many different senor configurations. This means that every air-conditioning system, in every car model can be controlled precisely.

In the future, sitronic customers will configure their customized sensor from five key ranges, exactly as required: temperature, humidity or dew point sensor; the customer determines the necessary accuracy of the new sensor; control protocol and communication protocol. In addition, the customer can precisely match the individual sensor system to their own production processes, depending on how the sensor is installed in the vehicle.

With this new modular system, the customer not only saves time and money, but also gets an individual product, which sitronic produces at high speed in serial production.

sitronic is thus able to maintain its principles of being close to the customer, being on par with the latest technologies in the market, and beings an active agent in shaping the future of sensor technology.

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