Posted on 11 Apr 2017

Presentations, Porsche, and a Brewery

Successful International Sales Meeting at sitronic

Guests from Germany, the U.S.A., China and South Korea were welcomed to sitronic Headquarters in Gärtringen, Germany from March 27th through the 30th 2017. Guests used the opportunity to present about their home countries and individual market conditions, converse, and exchange ideas. Workshops were held in order to set goals and strategies for the international sales activities of sitronic.

Team Building was also an important part of the International Sales Meeting, and as such, a visit to the Porsche Museum and factory tour was organized, as well as a visit to the Hochdorfer Brewery, and a visit to MOTORWORLD in Sindelfingen.

A comprehensive tour of all the sitronic facilities was key for all involved to experience the Production, Development departments, as well as understand the entire product portfolio.

Sales Representatives from China and Korea, as well as, for the colleagues from the U.S. subsidiary found the sales meeting very interesting and informative. Sven Easterbrook, Head of Sales at sitronic GmbH summed up the week: “It was a successful meeting, from both and business and team building perspective. Getting to know our international colleagues and have some fun with them was an experience that cannot be replaced, and is critical for working together in the future.”

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